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Terri Kristine


There are few things in life that I enjoy more than spending time with animals and children. Their curiosity, enthusiasm and ultimate joy in just being alive inspires me to live more like they do, with an appreciation for every single moment, because now is all we ever have. I can't give you a long list of credentials because I learned everything I know the hard way, by reading, watching, researching, consulting with those that know the things I want to know, experimenting, failure, and ultimately success through thousands of hours of practice, shooting, and editing. No one learns any differently than that, it's the effort that one puts into perfecting a craft or an art that determines the outcome, not your teacher, not whether you can pay the money for a high-priced education and pass someone else's tests; it's only your determination to learn and your thirst for knowledge that gets results. I've passed my own tests and my client's tests and that is all that really matters. I have also raised four of my own children, and I am now enjoying grandchildren, I've coached ball hockey over those two generations and been involved in children's sports leagues for about 25 years. I have taken several training courses and agility classes with my dogs, and time spent doing those things has helped me to learn how to kindly and gently inspire cooperation from kids and pets. I do have a college education in technology and I spent a little more than ten years in the Corporate World (TM) which I found was just not for me as they only thing I enjoyed about it was taking photographs on my lunch hour. I spent another decade running my family business in painting and home improvements, which was more fun, but I would still rarely leave a job without taking photos of our client's pets. Soon I started to offer specials that included pet photos with paint job bookings and I came to realize, there isn't anything else that I want to do. It took me a long time to figure out what I wanted to be when I grow up, and here I am, all grown up.

What I can promise you is that I will perform my very best for you, that I will do everything I can to immortalize the character and personality of your pet or your family in the images I take for you and if you are not happy, if you are truly not happy with the results of your session, then we will do it over again, on me. You are a wonderful, amazing person, you have amazing and wonderful pets or children and it is my goal to capture all that amazing wonderfulness in the images that we create together.