Terri Kristine Photography

Pet Sessions

What to expect

Sessions are about an hour and a half long on average. If we manage to get all the shots we want in an hour, then we can end early, but if we need some more time, then we will take it. It is always best to take photos of your pet where they are most comfortable. This can include your home, your yard, your favourite park or walk route or even the local off-leash. However, every dog is different and you know your dog best. If your dog is an easy going guy or gal who takes everything in stride, then we can do the session pretty much anywhere your dog is allowed to go. A dog session can include more than one location as well, though may incur an additional charge depending on time and distance. Cats and other pets are photographed in your home only unless your cat is comfortable on a leash. Plans for the session will be discussed at the time of booking.

What you need

Primarily, you need a clean and happy pet. If they need a bath or grooming it's best to have it done a couple of days before the session so that you don't over-stress your pet. A good brushing if needed is advisable before we start. If your pet has a favourite toy or an extra special treat that may help in encouraging them to pose, then you can bring that too. I will also have a supply of toys and healthy treats for encouragement. For dogs, it's a good idea to have a regular walk before the session starts or even a vigorous walk if they are the type that gets excited by new people; we need to have them at their most cooperative. If you wish to be in some of the photos of your pet then make sure you're wearing something complementary.

In the unfortunate instance that you have a pet that needs to be euthanized, I will do my best to prioritize your booking.

Family Sessions

In addition to pets I offer limited family sessions

Adults & children

Family session time length will vary depending on how many family members there are and what vision you have, though typically they will run about an hour to an hour and a half. Family sessions are generally done outdoors at a location of your choosing and can be themed or casual, posed or natural. A planning session will occur either in person or on the phone at the time of booking to discuss what you would like to accomplish with your images, what you will wear, and where the session will take place.


Engagement sessions are about an hour long and include one location of they couple's choosing and can include an additonal location (may incur an additonal cost depending on time and distance). Engagement sessions are generally done outdoors in all seasons and can be themed, if you'd like images of yourselves enjoying a mutual hobby or interest, as well as more contemporary styles. A planning session will occur at the time of booking to determine location, clothing, and your vision for the images. You're encouraged to bring any props or items you wish to be included in the photos, such as rings.


Maternity sessions take about one hour and can include mom-to-be and if you like, also dad-to-be and siblings-to-be. A planning session will occur at the time of booking to discuss clothing, location, and your vision for the images. You are encouraged to bring accessories such as hats, belts, sweaters or jackets to vary your wardrobe during the shoot as well as any props you would like included such as a toy, blanket or shoes that you've bought for baby-to-be. Maternity sessions can also be themed or casual/lifestyle.

Artistic Sessions

Realizing Your Idea

In the illustration world, you have a large selection of artists-for-hire that are willing to bring to life the visions of those that are not as artistically inclined. While I'm not much of an illustrator, I am always up for the challenge of creating artistic style photography and creative editing. This would include things such as photo essays, photo journalism, comic-strip style stories with photos, depictions of scenes, historical or fanstastical, which may be of interest to those involved in things like SCA or cosplay. If you want to dress up like Harry Potter and levitate your best friend Hermione, I'm willing to give it a shot. If you have a particular fancy for a particular nordic saga and would like to create a particular scene with photographic imagery, then we can do that too. Maybe you want to be the character in your favourite video game, let's find the right place and the right props and make it real. If you don't want to star in your artistic vision, I may be able to find the perfect model for it. If you can dream it, and it's possible, then pitch it to me and let's see if we can bring what is in your head onto the screen and into print with some creativity on the scene and in Photoshop.

After the Session

Within two weeks of a completed session, you will be sent a link to a private gallery where you can view your images and choose to purchase prints or other products and choose the digital images that are included in your package.